We are Japanese Professional Rigging creators.

Our experienced riggers will handle everything from characters to creatures, props, and vehicles with a wide range of knowledge.

We use expressions, driven keys, simulations, etc. to flexibly set up rigs that are easy for animators to use.


Professional Rigging Artists

Character  /  Creature  /  Vehicle  /
Prop  /  Expression  /  Simulation

The CG production process is extremely long and involves a wide range of processes, from modeling to rigging, animation, effects, and compositing.

By specializing only in the rigging process and actively sharing and accumulating know-how, we We provide speed and quality that only a professional service can provide.

Specializing in video production

Anime  /  Movie  /  Game  /  Metaverse  /
XR  /  Arcade Game  /  Advertisement

Among our CG production, we are focusing on anime-like expression (cel-look expression) using Maya and Blender.

Cell-look expression has a wide range of applications, not only in TV anime, but also in games, games, metaverse, etc. It is used in various fields such as advertising production.

Full remote working style

We discover excellent human resources from all over the country by creating a fully remote working environment.

By resolving the resource issues of CG studios concentrated in Tokyo, and at the same time supporting job creation in local areas. We provide long-term sustainable services.